Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good article from the Chonicle on Veterinary Drugs and "Veterinary Devices"

Nobody likes to pay more than they have to to treat their horses but there is a difference in regulatory over-site between "veterinary devices" used as drugs (none) and FDA approved drugs (proven efficacy, quality control inspection).

New York Times article on (over)medication of show horses
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 The article speaks for itself quite well. There are a lot of subjects for discussion here, from how we treat our horses to the influence of money on the horse community. Some of us were a little smug when it was the race horse industry under the microscope. This hits a little closer to home. If you don't like the status quo and you are a member of the USEF, make your feelings known. The USEF (formerly AHSA) drug rule started out as a simple, useful regulation to allow reasonable and humane treatment of competition horses while banning drugs that would affect performance or hurt the health of the horse. Some owners, trainers, and unfortunately veterinarians continue to push the envelope in an effort to gain an "edge" resulting in a more and more complicated set of rules.