Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Maple Toxicity

Red maple Leaves can be extremely toxic to horses, but the frequency of clinical problems is fairly low. Silver maples can also be involved. These trees are very common and often have been in the horse's paddocks for many years. The toxic principal has not been identified but causes rupture of red blood cells(hemolysis) and methemaglobinemia (...

AAEP White Paper on Theraputics for Performance Horses

This is a consensus paper from the AAEP and is a pretty uncompromising viewpoint. We should all aspire to a mindset where we depend on training and not pharmacology to aid our horses in performing to the best of their ability. It is no favor to the ho...

USEF NSAID rules change as of 12/1/11

A reminder that the rule allowing two NSAIDs expires 11/30/11. After that date only one NSAID is allowed. See